More time…………

Here is my first night timelapse, and I gotta tell u its addictive, cant wait to go out for the next one!! I have learned a lot form this one, the most important rule is patients, something that I am lacking!!! Next time ill go for longer ones!

Night timelapse from Sean Lordan on Vimeo.

This is the first night timelapse that I have tried, pretty happy with how it turned out and I am looking forward to doing a lot more of them! Patients is vital with these things, something that I have yet to master!

Canon 7D
10-20 Sigma
40second exposures
10second delay

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From dust to dusk Siar O Thuaigh

I have injured myself again surfing, twisted or tweeked one of my ligments in my knee, what a feckin PAIN!! So ill be out of the water for the next few weeks. I guess I can put a bit more time into taking some photos now!

What amazing weather we had at the weekend!! I headed back west to snap some shots for a new project I’m working on ‘Siar O Thuaigh A Dó’ Here is the first one if you missed it! Click here Siar O Thuaigh

Home sweet home back west

B/W on Slea Head

Can you count them?

The Blaskets under a pink and purple sunset

Maybe this injury will give me time to sit back and focus on photography a little more! or not………..

Oh congrats to Derek Hines who poped his photography cherry and got himself a nice 50D!! Expecting greatness from u!

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