Its been a LONG time…..

It had been a long long time since my last post, Been pretty busy……

Launched a few site in the past month…..

Crevan (the ripper) Faley website you need anything made of wood? this fella can do it! ANYTHING…….;)

We Are Rats site This is a Tee shirt site that myself and Derek Hines have created, with our first range ‘we are rats’! Something different from the mass produced stuff (T shirt business is running pretty slowly, ive been too busy with the real day job!!) Hoping to really get it kicking off before Xmass!

Tonnta’s new website (Getting there! and will be update regularly by myself and Pete flemming)

As you all probably know, my Van has been taken on a road trip and I dont think its ever going to come back…………boooooooooooooooooooo. So I got a new one. I will now be rolling around in a inconspicuous black VW…

I went on a trip north recently with the boys, apologies for the lack of tripod, shite editing and random footage and the extra 4minutes of black at the end(getting used to FCP X when editing). but on this trip I really didnt give a shit, just needed to blow off some steam and catch a few waves! Mr Hines got some epic shots from the trip, maybe we will see some in the next Tonnta?!

Anyway dont think I have ever said so much, maybe I should write more…………..or not.

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