Chewys Last Trip

This blog post has been a long time coming, I’ve been putting it on the long finger for a long time as its a sad one. Im not great writing about sad as I always try to keep it light, anyway here it goes.

‘Chewy’ my dog, that I grew up with, who joined me on many many surf adventures passed away just before Christmas and she will be missed! Yes for some of you you will wonder where i got the name of my blog it was chewy, my first company ‘chewymedia’ it was after her!

Chewy was a shitzu, yes not a manly doberman, bulldog, or even Alsatian, she was a SHITZU! Lapdogs of the ancient monks of Tebit. Bred to keep their masters warm in the Alps. She was small, fluffy and had a huge underbite which everyone felt that they had to comment on… poor thing :)

Just before she died myself, Chewy and Crevan went on a road trip around the coast. A trip we began to call ‘Chewys last trip north’ and it was. Fortunately before she died chewy got to see the whole west coast from Cork to Portrush! Not a bad trip for a 13year old dog.

Here are a few shots from her last trip.

‘Chewy you will always be a legend and you will be missed’

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