Spooky time………..in Cork District Lunatics Asylum

I took a trip with Derek tonight to some spooky old buildings, actually Corks oldest insane asylum, nice!

Even though I knew what went on in the place, I still enjoyed shooting up there. Its was filled with so much history, ok probably not the nicest history but still you can feel something there.

I love shooting in places like this where nothing is new. There is so much going on but at the same time so little! SPOOOOOKY

Im definitely going to make a trip back on a brighter day next time!

Here is a short description of what Cork District Lunatics Asylum was like back in the day………

1935 – 1936

“Each unit was roofed in the manner of a stall and each door was closed by three farmyard bolts. Mattresses were generally on the floor. These units did not have external windows or fresh air. There was a padded cell with a mattress on the floor of this ward. Toilets had no seats and there was no soap available to patients.

Another dormitory had eight beds with no curtains. There was no ward programme and the whole ward lacked any visual stimulation. St. Ita’s 1, female with 20 patients; the enclosed courtyard attached to the ward was littered with old clothing, toilet rolls and plastic bottles which had accumulated over several months. We were informed that patients do not get out of doors in winter time. The dormitory with seven beds had no curtains. Many patients were in bed for the night at the time of our visit ó 5.15 p.m. Another dormitory housed ten patients and was also without curtains. Five beds were placed along one wall while on the opposite wall a structure had been erected in which five patients were separately incarcerated.

In some wards there is no adequate facility for storing food. In one ward we saw bread being stored in dustbins, most of it stale.

St. Kevin’s, 9, male, 28 patients ó there is no activity in the day room. The patients sat around in armchairs waiting for bed time, which was somewhere between 5.30 p.m. and 6.30 p.m. The washhand basin area was used to store all sorts of rubbish. One window had four broken panes of glass.”

Nice place ehh!!!

More Pics can be found here, if you feel the urge!

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