Sun’n’swell = Happy surfers

A weekend to remember is the only way to describe the weekend I had. I think the whole of the coast was lit up with surf over the weekend. I have heard reports from all over the country – Clare, Bundoran, Cork, Mayo and Kerry getting good waves and for a lucky few a bit of sun too. I was lucky……………….

Crevan Faley was about getting stuck in

James O Callaghan was getting some really nice ones too, he was ripping!

Sorry Pete, but this is a classic!

Nice lips

Green fields (testing the new lens out with few colours)

john Riordan tanning his head on this sunny day

Shane Murphy heading in for a few shots in the evening, i’d say he got some good ones!?

Graham Colins in the sunset!

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Still Dreaming about this place

One from last year…………….mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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