Its all lies

Ok, so its been a VERY long time since my last blog post! Been keeping a lot of shots for the next issue of Tonnta which is currently in the process of being finished off for the next issue!

Also been busy making a website for Jo-King Dress designer! Check it out lads, nothing wrong with getting a new frock…..

So here are a few snaps from today!

Thanks Carl for the nudge to put some pics up :) , keep the chewyblog turning over!





Sun’n’swell = Happy surfers

A weekend to remember is the only way to describe the weekend I had. I think the whole of the coast was lit up with surf over the weekend. I have heard reports from all over the country – Clare, Bundoran, Cork, Mayo and Kerry getting good waves and for a lucky few a bit of sun too. I was lucky……………….

Crevan Faley was about getting stuck in

James O Callaghan was getting some really nice ones too, he was ripping!

Sorry Pete, but this is a classic!

Nice lips

Green fields (testing the new lens out with few colours)

john Riordan tanning his head on this sunny day

Shane Murphy heading in for a few shots in the evening, i’d say he got some good ones!?

Graham Colins in the sunset!

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Board breakers and sunset glass

Had a few good evening surfs last week, before heading off to Sweden. Here is a taste of it!

RIP to my 6,4 JS...... we had some good memories! Ride them till they die................!!

Heres another on I snapped just on sunset, what a wave! PUMPING PERFECTION!

Cork surfer Mairéad Ní Dhonnabháin taking on some! Ripping

Sunset glass


Fighting, surfing, drinkin Irish!

Its been a long weekend……………….of fun! Roll on the longer days! Im wrecked already!
Weekend started with a spot of boxing on Friday night complements of The Boxing Clinic. I surfed all day Saturday and even managed to get a few snaps in the evening!

Steve Sav showing that even he can do the black swan!

Its all about the foot work

Break time

Its on

Sav getting some words of wisdon

Crevan Faley exploding behind a rock

Eddie sliding about the place

smoking it up

Maybe ill go for one more..........

Carl Manzor ag rippáil

Sun showers

One for the road

Chewy is TIRED……….whooof


Kon’s new board

My cousin shaped his second board recently! Fair play Kon! Lovely looking board, its a 6’3, Id say it will go like a magic carpet on Ketamine! He has even inspired me to make my own, now all I need to do is find some time…. Two pics with a bit of PS.
Kons Board

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