Sun’n’swell = Happy surfers

A weekend to remember is the only way to describe the weekend I had. I think the whole of the coast was lit up with surf over the weekend. I have heard reports from all over the country – Clare, Bundoran, Cork, Mayo and Kerry getting good waves and for a lucky few a bit of sun too. I was lucky……………….

Crevan Faley was about getting stuck in

James O Callaghan was getting some really nice ones too, he was ripping!

Sorry Pete, but this is a classic!

Nice lips

Green fields (testing the new lens out with few colours)

john Riordan tanning his head on this sunny day

Shane Murphy heading in for a few shots in the evening, i’d say he got some good ones!?

Graham Colins in the sunset!

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Beauty in a pier

Pier Rainbow

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Winter is coming, and so are the waves!

Well its that time of the year, we are starting to see the first of the winter weather and swells! Im heading to Lahinch this weekend to give Craig a good send off, he is getting married in September! Not to worry Craig you have plenty of time before your eyebrows grow back! All the boys are heading up so should be a bit of crack! Here are some photos from last winter and one of the man himself giving it the biggest poo-face I have ever seen!

eurwam for 2moro!

Brandon Winter 2008

Greville Walsh is in there somewhere!

Poo face!

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